Visibility as a service

Whatever your challenge is, just point your data at ThreatDefence and start visualizing your world!
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Businesses run on technology that processes information. Along with your product, service and price, this information is your competitive edge or an idea that runs your business.

Losing control of your business information can down your business or your leadership in a day. Enable visibility across your entire enterprise: AWS, Azure, on-premise, remote offices, desktops.

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Most businesses have no idea who connects to their systems, when, from where or for what purpose. Stop assuming and start seeing. It’s simple.

Data breaches are not necessary. Hackers are not so good, it’s just that businesses lack controls. ThreatDefence sees all the issues and alerts you.

Don’t let it happen to you.

See what your business information is doing

Most businesses have zero visibility of how all their systems integrate and interconnect. There are more connections and functions than most people realise.

In your invisible network, which has been built by different people over the last decade, there are many vulnerabilities and issues waiting to be exploited.

ThreatDefence will start exposing risks and misconfigurations as soon as it powers on. You can monitor anything, anytime – and keep the data as long as you want. Zero limits, zero restrictions.


As your business grows, so do the stakes. Stop assuming that everything is good and gain proper assurance.

Programmed to make you productive.

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Bank-grade monitoring

Your organisation gets its own tailored, flexible monitoring system that can track all your systems with the same level of insight relied on by the world’s largest organisations. Leverage our team and tools to make your business cyber-ready.

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Visibility on day one

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on security consultants and lose weeks of productivity on security projects. ThreatDefence does it all in a single plug-and-play appliance for instant visibility, supported by a team of experts.

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Simple-to-use interface

There’s no special training and you don’t need your own network experts to harness the solution effectively. The architecting, engineering, planning was already done and ready. See your data in real-time, 10 minutes after powering on.

Monitor anything like a pro

Want to see what you’ve been missing out on?