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Our XDR Platform employs deep data visibility, machine learning, advanced correlations and built-in automation, allowing security teams to focus on what really matters, filtering out noise and false positives, and produce high fidelity detections. The detections support our human-led investigations and real-time threat hunting to reveal the most hidden and unknown threats. Our 24×7 SOC as a Service is staffed with experienced security analysts with CISSP and OSCP certifications providing advanced threat analysis, tactical threat intelligence and incident response.

Our Platform

Highly customizable XDR & Threat Hunting platform, can be supplied as a SaaS subscription or deployed on any public or private cloud

Our Service

24x7 as a Service, managed Threat Hunting, and Incident Response services

Deep Visibility

Our XDR platform enables deep visibility and works seamlessly with existing technology, eliminating blind spots and enabling true end-to-end detection and response capabilities.

While most of the existing security solutions try to solve the threat detection problem from a particular angle, implementing their detection capabilities either at network, cloud, endpoint or perimeter level, ThreatDefence’s Adaptive XDR platform embraces all your security data, from any environment: cloud, SaaS, network, on-premise, remote, or virtual.

We collect more security events than any other vendor, correlating events from various attack surfaces and revealing even the most covert malicious activties.

Our cloud XDR Platform can be deployed in minutes to provide deep visibility for your business.

24×7 Threat Hunting

We pair our threat detection technology with trained and experienced security specialists who work 24x7x365 to deliver true cyber resilience capability to your business. Our expert threat hunters gain insights from your security data, deep diving into any anomalies, suspicious events, and any unexpected behaviors observed on your network. As part of our security operations, we not only find previously undetected threats, but also enhance your detection capability by adding new rules and fine tuning the platform to stay ahead of attackers.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Our platform provides next generation Incident Response and Digital Forensics capabilities across the entire enterprise attack surface. We provide deep visibility, remote triage and evidence gathering, and in-depth investigation and incident recovery on a scale.

– End-to-End Incident Management
– Enterprise-wide Forensics, collecting as much data as possible from your systems and networks
– Deep real-time visibility and extraction of forensic artifacts, RAM, registry keys and file systems objects, including deleted data and unallocated disk space, as well as an ability to intelligently analyze user, machine and software behavior
– Working across the entire attack surface of an organization, and operating at the enterprise-wide scale
– Reaching to all assets and networks across your entire enterprise
– Can be invoked on-demands in full integration with existing SIEM / EDR / XDR capabilities

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Many major brands trust us, and never look back as they start using ThreatDefence.

About ThreatDefence

ThreatDefence provides innovative SIEM, SOC-as-a-Service and proactive cyber defence solutions to MSP’s and Enterprises. Our Adaptive XDR Platform was created to help companies of any size to deploy a world-class detection and response, embracing all information that businesses can reach to, would it be within their network, on the dark web, or hiding deep into their supply chain.

We believe in open ecosystems and connect you to any and all threat intelligence feeds and log sources, instanteniously providing you with actionable security insights.

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