White labeling for MSPs

Managing your security solution - including all threat hunting and reporting.
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As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), cybersecurity is crucial to you – and your clients – but it’s not your core competency. Yes, many MSPs offer it, but mostly it’s “fluff” solutions suitable for 2000’s threats.

Boost your revenue by offering real enterprise-grade security monitoring. Stay secure, stay relevant and stay profitable.

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ThreatDefence is something different.

It offers all an MSP needs to mount a competent cyber readiness. Everything is built in: threat intel, IDS, tools, analytics and an entire team of security veterans.


It also offers scalable architecture to monitor any location.

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How does ThreatDefence work?

As an MSP, you need the cybersecurity service to offer to your customers. You need tools, systems and people. You can build or train and be ready in 2 years. Or use ThreatDefence and be ready today.

ThreatDefence will provide and manage cost-effective enterprise-grade monitoring architecture. Nothing less than what banks use – it’s either an all-in-one device or a modular system for larger environments.

Once SIEM is deployed and operating at your data centre or ours, you have complete visibility. To monitor remote sites or clients, simply courier them pre-configured ‘remote sensor’. Events will arrive in your central SIEM as soon as they plug it in.

Adaptable and totally customisable.

Everything an MSP needs to mount a competent defence

Alongside all these standard and inbuilt features, you also get access to our expert team of security analysts, engineers and offensive security experts. They will work alongside your staff to ensure the cybersecurity you offer your customers is state-of-the-art.

Everything you need is already built in. Some ThreatDefence features:

Standard security features


Detects known threats

Detects unknown threats

Log-data analysis

24/7 monitoring by cyber security staff

Full packet capture for forensic analysis

Signal-enrichment and event-correlation systems to increase accuracy

Proactive live threat response

Cyber security team available around the clock

Workstation agents

SPAN ports

Putting the power in your hands

When you choose ThreatDefence for your cyber security, we’ll train your staff so you can generate your own reporting and conduct your own threat hunting.

You can then take the lead in resolving common sources of vulnerability on your own, starting with misconfigured and obsolete firewalls and content filters.

Because ThreatDefence continually updates itself, it is always increasing its detection and response capabilities. Meanwhile, it’s deep data-logging functions mean the system can be used to conduct far-reaching forensics and analysis to defend, detect and hunt down threats proactively.


Impress your customers with cool reports.

Are you an MSP whose customers deserve leading security?