Compliance & controls audit

Meet any information security compliance requirement. Think of it as having 10 full-time auditors.
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IT compliance is usually a manual laborious process, where your team would spend days or weeks validating various system controls. Or you may be more advanced with multiple silo systems around the business.


In many cases, you pay external consultants to do a job that we will help you do faster, more accurately and with demonstrated immediate ROI.


Impress your CEO with a single pane of glass.

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Your ThreatDefence SIEM will do a similar job as 10 full-time auditors, saving you tens of thousands of dollars.


Assess your compliance with the most challenging regulatory standards, such as GDPR, SOX and Breach Notification Act – just to name a few.


And if your unique requirement is not supported, we’ll build it for you in few hours – not many products can do that.

Compliance to stop regulators, controls to stop hackers.

Over 90% of all global breaches were made possible because businesses lacked basic security controls. They lacked visibility to see what was missing.


Many had budgets the size of a small country, such as Telstra, RSA, NASA. Some had armies of security consultants. Still, hackers were in their networks for months and years.


ThreatDefence means total assurance. Record the breach, even if it’s not detected.

Achieve compliance

Detect weak controls

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Essential compliance management tools, built in:


  • Asset discovery
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Log collection and storage
  • User activity
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Essential security management tools, built in:


  • Threat intelligence feeds
  • Active threat indicator channels
  • Honeypots and tokens
  • Deep forensics desktop agents
  • Netflow – 100% network accountability
  • Machine learning and AI