ThreatDefence XDR Platform

Learn about our platform and what makes us unique.

Our XDR (Extended Detection and Response) cyber security platform provides deep visibility and threat detection across your endpoints, servers, cloud and your digital supply chain.  We deliver the platform to you as a fully managed service supported by our 24×7 Security Operations, with low cost and the fastest enrolment time in the industry.

Enabling Great Security Operations Capabilities

Our platform is the foundation of effective cyber threat detection and response services. Providing deep visibility, excellent threat detection, sophisticated behaviour analytics and automated threat hunting, the platform adds efficiency and value to your security operations capability. Leveraging our proprietary detection methodologies, including AI-empowered machine learning, our platform uncovers suspicious and anomalous behaviour revealing even the most hidden threats.

The platform creates high fidelity detections, flagging real threats and assisting SOC analysts and investigators in focusing on what matters. Our XDR platform equips cyber security experts with the insights and tools they need to perform deep investigations and contain threats, all in real-time.

Our Platform

Highly customisable XDR & Threat Hunting platform can be supplied as a SaaS subscription or deployed on any public or private cloud.

Our Service

24×7 as a Service Managed, Threat Hunting, and Incident Response services.




Unprecedented Visibility

There is some amount of machine data generated for every digital event in your business. This machine data provides valuable insights and helps you make better security decisions if properly collected and analysed. It contains a categorical record of transactions, customer activity, sensor readings, security threats and other activities.

The only credible way to establish a robust cyber security detection and response capability is to get this data to work for you, and that is what ThreatDefence is all about. While most of the existing security solutions try to solve the threat detection problem from a particular angle, implementing their detection capabilities either at network, cloud, endpoint or perimeter level, ThreatDefence XDR platform embraces all your security data from any environment: cloud, SaaS, network, on-premise, remote or virtual.

We collect more security events than any other vendor, correlating various attack surfaces and revealing even the most covert malicious activities.

Cloud Native Platform

Our platform processes billions of security events per day, providing your Security Operations with enterprise-grade flexibility, reliability and redundancy, and scaling to accommodate your business requirements and growing data.

The XDR platform has been designed to work with massive data volumes and any data source, which adds value to your cyber security detection and response capability. We want your data to work for you. That’s why we guarantee that we can ingest data from your application, be it an enterprise system, a cloud service, or a bespoke application.

Designed for Detection & Response

Our platform provides all you need to get your security operations going. We have Dark Web monitoring, Vulnerability Management, third-party risk management, security control benchmarking, rich compliance reporting, and many other features available to you from day one.

The platform is delivered as a single integrated solution. The platform provides excellent visibility and unprecedented threat detection and establishes an ideal context for proactive threat hunting and rapid incident response.

Full Enterprise Attack Surface Coverage

The attack surface of modern enterprises is more significant than ever, comprising numerous networks domains, clouds and SaaS applications stretched across multiple geographic locations. Our platform correlates security events across all sources and applies advanced machine learning to detect sophisticated threats and provide insights over the entire enterprise’s digital footprint.

The platform is provided with lightweight sensors deployed on-premises or in your cloud environments. Our Network, Endpoint and Cloud sensors can be rolled out in minutes and start ingesting your data immediately – you will see data streaming to your dashboards in real-time. We cover the entire enterprise attack surface, integrating all security systems and applications you might have, would it be your firewalls, access points, endpoint protection systems, security gateways, authentication systems or anything else.

How it Works

ThreatDefence XDR is a secure and auto-scalable platform delivered as a fully managed SaaS solution, deployed in either a single or multi-tenant configuration. With our platform, you can operationalise your data in minutes, and there are no scalability, performance or maintenance issues to worry about. The platform provides tremendous detection capabilities and can constantly be augmented with our  SOC-as-a-Service, MDR, or threat hunting options.

Compliance and Reporting

We have hundreds of security metrics on our platform, and we can report on any of them. Our reporting covers security posture overview, ongoing operational issues, security trends over time, and various compliance frameworks such as ISO27001, APRA CPS 234, Essential Eight, PCI DSS and others.

Everything You Need to Start

It only takes minutes to activate our platform for your environment, with all functionality available right out of the box. Start today and get your security data to work for you.

Any Data

Integration guarantee for all your log sources.

Cloud Visibility

Threat detection across your Office365, Azure and AWS footprint.

Vulnerability Management

Continuous watching of your internal, external and cloud systems.


Secure and hardened platform with rich RBAC and SSO capabilities.

Automated Detection

Hundreds of detection use cases.

Cyber Risk Protection

Built-in capabilities to proactively detect data breaches and impersonation attacks.

True Elasticity

Unlimited scalability for data ingests and retention.

User Behaviour

Monitor all user activities across endpoints and cloud systems and detect anomalies.

Vendor Risk Reporting

Enrich your data with the cyber risk reporting of your supply chain partners.

Multi Tenancy

Multi-tenanted indexes and dashboards for MSP and M&A scenarios.

Hunting and Response

Root cause analysis across all attack vectors and automated response capabilities.

Darkweb Monitoring

Compromised credentials and data breaches.


Robust dashboards provide a rich context for your investigations.


Integrated mapping of adversary activities into ATT&CK techniques and behaviours.

Cloud Controls Audit

Integrated cloud asset management with CIS control benchmarking.

Start Today For Free

At ThreatDefence, we know that seeing is believing. Many products claim to do amazing things but disappoint when the rubber hits the road. For us, the opposite is true. When people see ThreatDefence live on their security data, the potential suddenly comes alive, and the value appears.

Start with us today in a carefully controlled and managed engagement. At the same time, we connect ThreatDefence to your systems, collect security data, and then work with your team to produce meaningful insights on your cyber security posture. If you like what you see, you can continue using the service every month – and your first month will be free!

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