Our Story

ThreatDefence is an Australian company founded in 2014 in Sydney by a small group of security practitioners – security incident responders and threat hunters. From our consulting experience, we learned that only very few businesses notice security events in their network, and even fewer can proactively action them.

We’ve observed organisations getting breached, with attackers living on their networks for months and sometimes years. We’ve also seen cyber security investigations drag on for days and even weeks, as incident responders could not operationalise their security event data. They struggled to manually correlate security events collected from endpoints, network systems and cloud service providers.

That’s how ThreatDefence was born. Our Adaptive XDR Platform was created to help companies of any size deploy a world-class detection and response, embracing all information businesses can reach, be it within their network, on the dark web, or hiding deep in their supply chain. We believe in open ecosystems and connect you to any threat intelligence feeds and log sources, instantaneously providing actionable security insights.

Our mission is to enable every business with complete access to their security data, make security detection and response affordable for everyone, and reduce the implementation of security operations capability from months to minutes.

Protect Your Organisation With ThreatDefence