Case Study


In 2019, Ballina Shire Council engaged ThreatDefence to deploy security monitoring and cybersecurity assurance services. ThreatDefence provided the Council with advanced threat detection, deep cyber security visibility, ongoing incident response and cyber risk management at the always-on Security Operations Centre.

Although we already had mature controls, we needed another layer of security to get visibility into what is happening in our environment from the cyber security operations perspective. ThreatDefence included everything the Council needed for a comprehensive security operations function with several integrated tools and sensors. It was effortless to deploy and did not require a major investment or an implementation project from our side.”

Stewart Littleford, Manager Information Services, Ballina Shire Council

In December 2021, a severe log4j zero-day vulnerability was discovered on the internet and immediately weaponised by multiple threat actors for worldwide attacks. The council had detection capabilities of this zero-days minutes after the vulnerability was reported, ahead of many global cyber security vendors.

When log4j exploits hit the headlines, like any other organisation, we had to quickly qualify if our environment is vulnerable and if any of our systems are exposed. ThreatDefence team has already scanned all our systems for exposure, in addition to the real-time monitoring of every single attempt against our systems. We got a call from the ThreatDefence SOC on the same day, reporting to us on unexpected network sessions and providing the full outline of the attack. It is very difficult to protect from zero-day attacks, but with our level of visibility, we feel comfortable and assured.”

Stewart Littleford, Manager Information Services, Ballina Shire Council

On the same day, Ballina Shire Council had received a comprehensive report from ThreatDefence on all exposed systems and exploitation activity. ThreatDefence was able to provide complete assurance and not only identify vulnerable components, but also record all attack attempts and effectively prevent the compromise.

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