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Saving mid-sized businesses from security breaches, because nobody else does.
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When you are an SME, getting cyber-ready and cyber-secure is a challenge. The Top 10 solutions cost too much. Your IT providers struggle to give you the digital security you deserve.


You need people, tools and service to achieve cyber readiness. ThreatDefence, the Consensus Software Award champion, brings plug&play, ease of use to affordable, high-quality cyber security.

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Excellent cyber readiness once required a team of experts and lots of money. Now, there is another way: ThreatDefence.


Smaller enterprises like yours can achieve the same level of security monitoring used by multinational corporations. All for one-third of the cost of a junior full-time employee.

Don’t blame the hackers, your business lacks controls.

Over 80% of small to medium size business have their offices set up like a residential home: waiting to be breached.


Your ISP calls it firewall, we call it fluff. It simply doesn’t give you enough control over data transactions.


We will provide you with $50k firewall for less than $2k.

  • Traffic shaping – to optimise performance
  • VPNs – to enhance privacy
  • DNS sinkhole and content filters
  • Threat intel, signatures, behavior monitoring
  • 100% network visibility with SIEM.

It’s all delivered in one appliance. Not only do we provide it, we’ll manage it for you too.

Detect, prevent, visualise

How it works?

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ThreatDefence Express will not only block cyber-criminals and retain forensic evidence, but it will provide 100% accountability for your network.


Our team of architects and engineers becomes your team. There when you need them, our experts build your success.

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Typically, an MSP would have a ThreatDefence SIEM server deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Then, they’d simply distribute ThreatDefence ‘sensors’ to client sites.

ThreatDefence sensor appliances can be virtual, NUCs or 1RU. Inexpensive, practical and tested: it’s the same technology and setup as used in large banks.