Managed SOC for MSPs

We will advise, deploy, manage, provide people and enable your MSP to run SOC like a bank.
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It’s not an easy job to set up a Security Operations Centre for your customers. Off-the-shelf products will always limit your freedom and features. The level of breaches with these solutions is proof. ThreatDefence is different. Banks and multinationals trust our security architecture.

Not only that, we will provide you with security analysts to do threat hunting and train your own people to take over when they’re ready.

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Protect your customers with visibility across their networks. Boost revenues and stay relevant.

Businesses need cyber assurance to survive.

ThreatDefence provides you with an opportunity to expand your portfolio of services with IT security monitoring and response.

Never blame hackers. Enable visibility and see why.

We have over two decades of experience in IT security and IT management. Our team includes global CISO consultants for the world’s largest enterprises; engineers that have managed global networks and systems; and IT professionals who can hack anything.

Many MSPs only offer their customers AV and firewalls and call that adequate IT security. It’s not. It’s only fluff with good marketing.

With ThreatDefence you get central SIEM in your data centre or ours. Place a small ‘sensor’ appliance at your client’s premises and it’s done.

Detect, prevent, visualise

How it works?

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ThreatDefence Express will not only block cyber-criminals and retain forensic evidence, but it will provide 100% accountability for your network.

Our team of architects and engineers becomes your team. There when you need them, our experts build your success.

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We will host your SIEM in our Equinox or ASX data centre, or Azure/AWS. Then, simply distribute ThreatDefence “sensors” to client sites.

ThreatDefence sensor appliances can be virtual, NUCs or 1RU. Our solution is inexpensive, practical and tested. It’s time to stop talking security. Walk the ThreatDefence way, one step and it’s done.