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Why should I choose ThreatDefence as a cybersecurity solution for my business?

Security is our hobby and passion.

Cost-effective, enterprise-grade monitoring architecture for businesses of any size and budget. 2017 winner of the Consensus Software Award, which is the award that predicts the next Aussie technology startup to go global, the same award won by Atlassian in 2004. We even got a mention from the federal prime minister.

With more than 20 years of experience working on cybersecurity technologies, we only work with the best cyber analysts and pride ourselves on a 100% client retention rate since we launched in Australia! Our engineers have helped the world’s largest organizations, including the largest banks in the country.

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What is the main difference between ThreatDefence SIEM and ThreatDefence Express?

In a nutshell, ThreatDefence Express provides an all-in-one device solution best tailored for SMEs and ThreatDefence SIEM offers a modular system for larger environments.THe express version is self contained firewall plus SIEM components, to help SME’s that struggle with effective protection due to cost.

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How exactly does ThreatDefence work?

ThreatDefence makes it simple for any organisation to monitor cyber security and combat the weaknesses that can plague enterprise systems, including:

  •   Vulnerable systems
  •   Misconfigurations
  •   Broad security controls
  •   Unknown malware activity
  •   Poor network visibility.

Commonly, we would install a sensor probe in your network to inspect all internet traversing traffic, followed by deploying workstation agents and API connections to your cloud, such as Azure and AWS.


ThreatDefence offers simple-to-use, real-time dashboards for users to gain unprecedented visibility into their networks and systems within minutes.

Our unique cyber security solution will expose weak areas and uplift monitoring capabilities to bank-grade quality in minutes, which to date, no other tool or solution is able to offer.

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How do you solve cyber security monitoring regardless of business size and IT budget?

We are strong believers that cyber security shouldn’t be dependent on business size or budget and this is exactly why we founded ThreatDefence.

Using latest technologies in automation allows us to minimize human intervention which translates to savings for our clients. We expect the customers to achieve over 60% savings on IT security monitoring.

With ThreatDefence, any business can achieve enterprise security monitoring with no limits and no restrictions because our cyber security solution offers businesses the flexibility and the freedom to innovate.

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How can ThreatDefence expose risks immediately?

Automation, security experience and the passion of our analysts – This runs our system and can expose weak areas and uplift monitoring capabilities in minutes. All updates, configurations and changes are automated, removing the need for laborious manual activities.

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