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Local Government | 1,000 + Employees

Campbelltown City Council is one of the largest councils in Australia. Over the last few years, the Council has gone through significant changes in their ICT environment. While numerous security controls were implemented in the scope of the transformation, the Council stakeholders were looking for a local cybersecurity partner to better understand the current cyber security posture of the organization, including associated weakness and exposures as they are seen from an external attacker perspective.

ThreatDefence bridged the visibility and resource capability gap within our existing cybersecurity controls, resources and technology. The uplift in our Cybersecurity posture means my team and I can sleep better in the current climate of persistent threats.”

Sabrina Peroumal, Executive Manager, Campbelltown City Council

Customer Case Studies

"I cannot endorse this product enough! ThreatDefence provides a top class solution that continuously finds and clearly defines our top risks. Great integration capabilities and tailored functionality makes it a winner.”
Head of Security
"We needed another layer of security to get visibility into what is happening into our network, and ThreatDefence checked all the boxes for us. With ThreatDefence, we can better understand cyber security threats to our environment and collect information so we can quick react to those threats."
IT Manager
Nelson & Colne College Group
"There are many providers around wholesaling SOC-as-a-service from major vendors. Unfortunately, this model is not sustainable, and we saw many examples when these providers could not handle even the most basic security incidents. It only works if you need to tick compliance boxes, but will not get you protected from real attacks. We knew we needed to get real visibility into our customers’ systems and ThreatDefence delivered a great set of technical capabilities, fantastic innovation, and enabled us to build authentic and true MDR services without compromising on quality."
Chief Technology Officer
"Effective decision making is driven by the strength of the information available. Out of the box connectors and dashboards allowed us to move from implementation to action in minutes. Combining ThreatDefence’s capability with their proactive management service and regular posture reviews places us in a strong position of readiness.”
"Although we already had mature controls, we needed another layer of security to get visibility into what is happening in our environment from the cyber security operations perspective. ThreatDefence included everything the Council needed for a comprehensive security operations function with several integrated tools and sensors. It was effortless to deploy and did not require a major investment or an implementation project from our side.”
Manager Information Services
?ThreatDefence was an easy choice for us. It provided us with multiple layers or visibility and threat intelligence, essential giving us the peace of mind to know that our systems are secure. It allowed us to focus on our daily functions without having to worry about cyber security threats.”
Information Security Manager