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Gain visibility of your environment
& achieve assurance.

Business benefits

  • Get ahead of compliance and security monitoring
  • Achieve new revenues through security services
  • Remain relevant by offering demanded services

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ThreatDefence exposes risk and uplifts monitoring capabilities to bank-grade quality in minutes.

No other tool or solution can do this. Together we can help prepare your Customers today for the threats of tomorrow.

Australian care and service.

Some of the Compliance and Security Management
Tools built into ThreatDefence includes

  • Asset discovery & Vulnerability assessments
  • File integrity monitoring, NIDS & HIDS
  • Bank grade SIEM allowing to visualise any data, not just IT security
  • Log collection and storage
  • Threat intelligence feeds & active threat indicator channels
  • Honeypots, tokens & endpoint agents
  • Netflow for 100% network accountability
  • Complete visibility with cloud(Azure,AWS, GOogle) and on-premise infrastructure.

We will enable your organization to have Security Operations Centre capabilities.

Not by selling you a product alone, but care and complete security team as well: offensive security specialists, network engineers, security analysts to prepare reports, data scientist.

Onboard new sources in hours, not 8 months, be running in 3 days, not 3 weeks, training is 30 minutes, not weeks. Use our team if yours is not ready.

Bank-grade system for SME budget. Nobody else does that.

For your business, that means you can offer SOC/SIEM services today

with a product backed by an experienced team to facilitate the service and train your team to take over when ready. White label to impress your customers.

Start offering Managed Threat Hunting service, Once-Off Threat Assessments, SIEM service that provide unmatched visibility into Networks, Systems, Applications, People, any system.