Managed Detection and Response

Our MDR provides end-to-end attack surface coverage, proactive threat hunting and incident response.

Our MDR provides excellent visibility into your environment and end-to-end coverage of your attack surfaces. You will get real-time threat detection, 24×7 threat hunting, thorough investigations, and complete incident response lifecycle support.

Our focus is not on raising alerts but on delivering excellent security outcomes and defending your business from disruptions and data breaches.

End-to-End Risk Management

We work 24×7 to ensure your security controls are operational, and all layers of your defences are effective. Our service will identify your risks, provide ongoing detection and mitigation of security threats, and support your security program with valuable insights and a continuous improvement focus.

Awareness and Integration


Deep Visibility


Threat Detection


Incident Response

Tailored to Your Environment

Every customer is unique, and we organise our detection and response procedures around your threat model. We know what your main assets are, what needs to be protected, and what events might have the most impact on your business operations.

24x7 Monitoring.

Cloud Visibility.

Ongoing Threat Hunting.


Real-time threat intelligence.

Cyber Risk Protection.

Custom build dashboards.

Detection of unknown attacks.

Multi-context threat detection.

Software supply chain security.

customer portal

Customer Portal.

Integrated Forensic Collection.

Reporting and custom metrics.

Immediate incident escalation.

Strategic advisory.

Operational reporting.

How it Works

Our XDR Platform employs deep data visibility, machine learning, advanced correlations, and built-in automation, allowing security teams to focus on what really matters, filter out the noise and false positives, and produce high fidelity detections. The detections support our human-led investigations and real-time threat hunting to reveal the most hidden and unknown threats. Our 24×7 SOC as a Service is staffed with experienced security analysts with CISSP and OSCP certifications providing advanced threat analysis, tactical threat intelligence, and incident response.

Get Full Visibility

Start visualising your security data immediately with our XDR platform (can be delivered as a fully managed cloud, or an on-premises solution).

Scale Out Capability, Not Headcount

You do not need an extra headcount to oversee your cyber security function. Our team will detect and investigate all threats in your environment and will completely integrate them into your processes and workflows.

Counter Security Incidents

Our team will monitor the environment 24×7 and will help you to contain and completely eradicate detected threats, and support you through the whole incident response cycle.

Discover the Power of 24×7 Security Operations

We pair our threat detection technology with trained and experienced security specialists who work 24x7x365 to deliver true cyber resilience capability to your business. Our Security Operations team detects and analyses attack patterns and alerts your team as soon as possible. We will completely integrate it into your current workflows and will follow your escalation procedures so you can counter a security threat before it causes any damage.

DETECT threats with automated detection & threat hunting.

PREVENT breaches for continuous vulnerability management and device hardening.

PREDICT weaknesses with dark web monitoring, vendor risk management, and cyber brand protection.

NOTIFY & respond to incidents with 24×7 our Security Operations Centre.

Ongoing Threat Hunting

Sophisticated attackers can be moving across your network for months, stealing intellectual property, data, and user credentials, while staying undetected. Our proactive threat hunting identifies unknown threats not visible to standard security tools, helping to prevent attackers from evading your security defences.

Our expert threat hunters gain insights from your security data, deep-diving into any anomalies, suspicious events, and any unexpected behaviors observed on your network. As part of our security operations, we not only find previously undetected threats but also enhance your detection capability by adding new rules and fine-tuning the platform to stay ahead of attackers.

Our Proactive XDR Platform provides unprecedented visibility into security events in your network and has always been designed as an ultimate threat hunting workbench. No threats will remain undetected. Working with your data, our team of cyber security experts will proactively hunt and investigate all security events, using the data from within and from outside of your organisation.

Cyber Risk Protection

We are not only working with data coming from your environment – we detect attackers before they get into your organisation. Our Cyber Risk Protection helps you to protect against external threats, continually identifying data exposures and weaknesses in the digital supply chain, providing sufficient context to understand cyber risks and remediation options.

Our platform collects information from data leaks, the dark web, your third-party organisations, and threat intelligence feeds to provide you with complete visibility into your attack surfaces and associated cyber risks.

Powered by Our XDR Platform

While many MDR providers rely on endpoint vendor solutions, we know that it is impossible to detect complex threats without a big data, cloud-native, multi-context XDR platform. Our platform monitors the entire threat surface and automatically scales to accommodate the increasing volume of security event data collected from your environment.

Through our XDR platform, we continuously collect, record, and store your security data, so you have surveillance-like visibility of your network. This allows our SOC team to investigate past events and proactively hunt for cyber threats.

Our XDR provides you with all you need to start your security operations.

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