ThreatDefence Endpoint

A zero-trust endpoint visibility and threat detection without boundaries.

Our Endpoint solution goes way beyond traditionally managed endpoint protection proposed by other vendors. td_ENDPOINT is a single, lightweight agent that pairs endpoint visibility and threat detection capabilities with our elite threat hunting team, providing great visibility and eliminating blind spots missed by traditional security tools.

Unprecedented visibility across workstations, server, cloud and teleworker endpoints.

Delivered at no additional cost as part of our MDR solution.

Automated deployment.

Security baseline and security configuration monitoring.

Works from anywhere without specialised connectivity requirements.

Maintain a continuous compliance state.

Detection of unknown threats.

Cyber risk and security posture continuous assessment and monitoring.

Endpoint Threat Detection Challenges

Even the most advanced EDR software fails. These days, around 80% of endpoint threats are zero-day and specifically designed to bypass even the most sophisticated endpoint protection and response solutions.

Furthermore, adversaries are increasingly using the living-off-the-land approach when they rely on valid accounts and authorised tools to move across the environment, completely bypassing AV and EDR detections.

How td_ENDPOINT Helps?

td_ENDPOINT is a lightweight agent supplied as a core technology with our XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platform and complemented by our Managed Detection and Response service offerings.

The agent introduces unmatched visibility capabilities and holistic security inventory functionality to enrich security data collected from our sources and help reveal the most evasive actions conducted by the most sophisticated threat actors.

The agent supports our managed detection and response capabilities, collecting critical security data from on-premises, cloud, and mobile endpoints and supplying information across the whole cyber-attack chain, from the initial reconnaissance to the malicious data exfiltration.

  • Deep endpoint visibility, including in-depth asset security data.
  • Support of major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Detection of malicious activities based on MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • It can be deployed on top of any EDR/NGAV, providing another layer of security.
  • Benchmarking of system and application security controls.
  • Digital forensics, incident response and threat hunting capabilities.
  • Built-in user and machine behaviour analytics.
  • Fully integrated with our XDR platform and MDR/SOC services.

How it Works

Our proprietary agent derives critical insights from the endpoints in real-time, analysing vulnerability data, system and process usage telemetry, user behaviour, and many other metrics and indicators. The collected data is correlated with security events retrieved from any other assets in your organisation and supports our threat hunting team to deliver continuous threat detection.

Empowered by the collected data and by our machine-learning technologies, our threat hunters can continuously assess risks, identify any malicious behaviour, and proactively respond to threats before they propagate to the rest of your network.

How td_ENDPOINT Solution Compares to Other Vendors


Other Providers


Deep visibility into all user and machine actions


Choose your own EDR

Usually comes with the
provider chosen option

Use our options
or BYO

Proactive threat hunting


Built-in forensic data collection


Software supply chain security analytics


Software supply chain security analytics


Full Enterprise Attack Surface Coverage

Our Endpoint solution is supplied as an integral part of our XDR platform and can be complemented by our 24×7 SOC/MDR services.

Our XDR platform provides full enterprise coverage, integrating all the security data you can reach into, including data that directly resides within your network and on your endpoints, as well as the external data such as cloud workloads, SaaS applications, Dark Web breaches, compromised credentials, external vulnerabilities, and weaknesses and exposures related to third-party organisations in your supply chain.

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