Protecting Educational Organisations

Educational organisations increasingly use digital resources for their educational programs, and it becomes crucial to provide secure and safe access to the information.

The cyber threat profile of schools and universities has changed dramatically, and these days these organisations need to deploy proactive detection and response measure to safeguard their staff, students and research as well as to protect their reputation.

Education Sector Cyber Security Challenges

Universities have to maintain large, highly heterogenous environments with limited budgets and IT resources

To effectively safeguard students learning activities, universities needs to be able to monitor students’ online activity, at the same time respecting and protecting their privacy

Students normally have multiple ways to interact with universities systems and resources, and it is not always straightforward to pinpoint activities conducted by any particular individual

Universities need to be able to find a balance between providing open educational environment where students can ethically conduct research and get access to required data, while at the same time clearly identifying malicious activity and unethical behaviour

Universities needs to effectively deal with threats such as improper use (e.g. cryptocurrency mining), research rights protection and illegal access to protection and copywriter material

With almost 64% of all malware attacks

education industry is the most affected by cyber crime

87% of educational institutes

have experienced at least 1 Cyberattack

85% of schools and universities

demand additional cyber security funding

Our Solution

In order to safeguard student data, research, processes and finance, schools must put in place strategies to mitigate cyber threats.

ThreatDefence XDR platform empowered with User and Entity Behaviour Analytics provides advanced machine learning and anomaly detection, connecting security event data from applications, wireless networks and cloud infrastructure, and enabling rich context on individuals’ actions and behaviour.

Behaviour Analytics for Deep Visibility

The solution helps to understand behaviour of students and their assets and provides deep visibility into the use of university resources, services and applications.

Our platform is pre-configured with multiple detection use cases specifically tailor for educational institutions.

Data Exfiltration

Unauthorized Access

Improper Use of Resources

Anonymous Traffic

Nation-state Cyber Espionage

Connect security data organised around user identities, recording locations, time of use, connectivity patterns, and activities associated with the use of cloud and on-premises services

Baseline normal behaviour based on authorised access events, gradual trends, usage and work patterns

Real-time correlation and analysis of application and network activity and other data sources to detect based on the custom use cases developed for an educational organisation

A single pane of glass dashboard presenting all activities of any particular student.

Automatically distinguishes suspicious and risky deviations from normal events

What Our Customers Say

We needed another layer of security to get visibility into what is happening into our network, and ThreatDefence checked all the boxes for us. With ThreatDefence, we can better understand cyber security threats to our environment and collect information so we can quick react to those threats.
IT Manager, Large Educational Institution

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