Cyber Assurance Services for Government Organisations

Establish ongoing visibility and cyber assurance across your whole ICT footprint. Detect & prevent cyber threats, without spending fortunes on incident response. Support a local Australian business.

The Cyber Security Challenge

Traditionally, local government organisations have had little reason to worry about cyber risks. However, these days the threat landscape has changed, and poor cyber security management can expose local government organisations such as councils to a broad range of risks, including financial loss, reputational damage, and data breaches.

“…86% of councils in NSW are experiencing a skill shortage, and 69% are experiencing skills gaps…

Local Government NSW, 2020

While the cyber threats to the local government have recently become more apparent and better understood, most local governments are not ready to undertake a complex project. They have other IT and cyber security problems to solve.

• 67% of councils have not recently performed penetrations testing (cyber-attack simulation);
• 84% of councils do not have separate cyber security budget;

• 78% of councils do not maintain a centralised register of cyber incidents.

Audit Office NSW, 2020

Our Solution

As an Australian cyber security vendor, ThreatDefence has created an easy-to-implement solution specifically for Australian local government organisations. Our XDR platform will enable you to enhance your cyber security detection and response capabilities without conducting expensive staff training or investing in long-term implementation projects.

ThreatDefence provides a fully managed, plug & play experience, transforming machine data into actionable insights and executive-friendly reports. You do not need to maintain multiple security tools and run complex investigations with endless cross-system integrations, as ThreatDefence establishes the context for all security events in your organisation, automatically correlating data from various sources and investigating anomalies.

Essential Eight Reporting

Our Customer Portal provides ongoing Essential Eight reporting, delivering a snapshot of your security posture in real-time.

What Our Customers Say

ThreatDefence equipped our IT department with superior abilities to collect and analyse security events incidents proactively, and respond to data breaches if they occur. Being able to contain threats in real-time provides tremendous value to our organisation.
CIO, Large Australian Council

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