Cyber Security Incident Response

Get immediate visibility in all attacker activities and expert support through the whole incident response cycle.

Every second counts when you are under attack and adversaries are unrestricted through your network.

With our Incident Response service, you can quickly reveal all attacker activities, outline a complete attack cycle, attribute actions to a particular threat actor, and appropriately contain and respond to a cyber attack.

Our incident response team is available to help you contain the threat and quickly bring control and stability when the worst situation happens.

Why ThreatDefence Incident Response

In a security breach, our incident response methodology is designed to bring control and stability to any stressful situation quickly. Our team is experienced in quick incident containment, root cause investigation, and expert-level guidance and coordination required to minimise business impact and mitigate reputational damages.

Specialised Technology

We bring the whole power of our technology as we respond to incidents, including purpose-built endpoint agents, network sensors, and our cloud-native XDR platform.

Unprecendented Visibility

Quickly get insights across your whole environment, revealing detailed steps taken by the attackers, understanding their objectives, and predicting the next steps.

Firsthand Expertise

Our experts have 20+ years of experience in the IT Security industry and have responded to numerous incidents worldwide, from ransomware to cyber espionage. We can quickly identify what systems were compromised and remediate the breach to let you resume your business activities.

Threat Intelligence

We will attribute attackers to a certain threat group and will fully inform you of their methods and behaviours. Our security engineers analyse malware to get quick insights into the capabilities and objectives of attackers.

Key Capabilities

At ThreatDefence, we don’t spend hours and days browsing through your systems. We use our technology to quickly get visibility and pinpoint attacker actions, suppress the threat as fast as possible, and help you to recover from the breach and get back to normal operations.

Full threat visibility with real-time data ingestion from network, endpoint, cloud and syslog data sources.

Detection capabilities mapped to MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Access to threat intelligence and the latest insights from our incident response team.

Dedicated threat hunters with years of expertise for deeper manual investigation and analysis.

Automated detection and machine learning threat analytics through our cloud XDR Platform.

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