Case Study

A Cybersecurity Solution Provider Expands Their Global Reach With ThreatDefence Premium MDR Services

Our client is one of the leading consulting and risk management firm in the Middle East region. Working closely with their clients, the consulting firm provides audit, consulting, enterprise risk, and financial advisory services to banks, financial institutions, government agencies, and public and private companies in many sectors in the region and abroad. As a successful provider of complex cybersecurity compliance and assurance solutions, the consulting firm recognised it was time to take their monitoring and security offerings to the next level. They wanted to provide services that did more than monitor network security events and send alerts when anomalies are identified. They needed premium managed detection and response (MDR) services that included 24/7 threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and rapid incident response to eliminate and mitigate threats.

There are many organisations that claim to have MDR services but can’t deliver when handling even the most basic incident response. ThreatDefence delivers fantastic innovation, authenticity, and quality, and provides true MDR services without compromising on quality. Working with the ThreatDefence team is genuinely refreshing and sets new quality standards in the region.”

CEO, Israel-based consulting firm

So, the firm did some thorough research to identify a company that could meet their high standards and expectations. In the end, they chose ThreatDefence. With ThreatDefence, they knew they’ would have trusted front-line technology plus a partner that was aligned with their values and positioning.

ThreatDefence enables the consulting firm to offer cutting-edge cybersecurity services without needing to maintain their own infrastructure or security analysts. The consulting firm can now rely on ThreatDefence’s capabilities to provide a unique value proposition to customers. Not only has the partnership helped the firm better serve their existing customers, but it has also enabled them to increase their presence in other regions, including Asia.

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