Case Study


Klik Solutions is a managed services provider (MSP) with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Klik Solutions provides a full range of managed IT services to its customers, including cloud security, cyber security, technology consulting and other related services. Klik Solutions supports many major organizations in the north-eastern US verticals such as financial services, legal, healthcare, government, retail and manufacturing.

Klik Solutions provides end-to-end IT and cybersecurity management, and collaborates with key stakeholders in their client organizations to develop and implement comprehensive cyber security strategies. To ensure that these initiatives can succeed, Klik Solutions established a robust portfolio of reliable IT and security vendors and solution providers. For their cyber threat detection capabilities, Klik Solutions selected ThreatDefence’s managed SIEM/XDR platform.

There are many providers around wholesaling SOC-as-a-service from major vendors. Unfortunately, this model is not sustainable, and we saw many examples when these providers could not handle even the most basic security incidents. It only works if you need to tick compliance boxes, but will not get you protected from real attacks.

We knew we needed to get real visibility into our customers’ systems and ThreatDefence delivered a great set of technical capabilities, fantastic innovation, and enabled us to build authentic and true MDR services without compromising on quality.”

Roman Shraga, CTO, Klik Solutions

From prior experiences, Klik Solutions knew that many SOC-as-a-service offerings on the market fail to deliver on their promises.

Klik wanted to provide services that did more than monitor network security events and send alerts when anomalies are identified. They sought to build a premium managed detection and response (MDR) services, and wereseeking for a scalable platform to implement 24/7 threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysisand rapid incident response to effectively counter cyber threats in line with their customer expectations.

As Roman Shraga, CTO at Klik Solutions explained “ThreatDefence demonstrated that it knew what they were doing and provided us with a very scalable and simple service model, allowing us to quickly roll-out the service and scale as we grow. The platform delivers a great deal of visibility, supports our entire technical stack, and makes advanced threat hunting and incident response simple and intuitive.”

Klik Solutions have successfully implemented their SOC and MDR services for many customer organisations, including legal, government, manufacturing and healthcare clients.

“Cybersecurity have become a significant part of Klik Solutions’ growth strategy, and we know that with ThreatDefence we have a strong partner onboard.” said Roman. “We are fully equipped to provide our clients with actionable insight and threat intelligence, and block modern threat before they impact their business operations.”

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