Case Study


Our client is a successful and highly respected managed services provider (MSP) that delivers innovative technology and security solutions throughout Asia-Pacific. The MSP has helped numerous business leaders connect with innovative technology to achieve outstanding business outcomes. They deliver dynamic, bleeding-edge solutions that enable businesses to create elevated IT experiences and explore bigger and better opportunities.

The MSP had decided it was time to connect with a technology partner in the cybersecurity space. They wanted to strengthen their security operations services with a next-level platform that went beyond traditional reactive approaches such as Antivirus or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). They were also looking for a platform that could scale as volumes increased and provide rich capabilities. Finally, they wanted to differentiate their services from other MSPs and gain a competitive advantage by partnering with a distinctive, leading-edge, and Australian company rather than using a solution from a standard US-based vendor.

They chose ThreatDefence XDR (Extended Detection and Response), a world-class detection and response platform that proactively prevents successful cyberattacks and simplifies and strengthens security processes.

The MSP implemented ThreatDefence XDR platform as an integral component of their Security Operations Centre and can now provide clients with advanced services that their competition cannot offer. During the implementation process, ThreatDefence provided the MSP with comprehensive consultation and support services and trained their analysts to work effectively with ThreatDefence technology. ThreatDefence also developed customized reports and dashboards for the MSP to create a solution that was both extremely powerful and tailored to their unique value proposition.

The capabilities provided by ThreatDefence cannot be easily matched. The biggest value for us is being able to deliver a full set of advanced capabilities to our customers, activating network monitoring, cloud visibility, and endpoint detection and response at a click of a button with a simple per-user pricing structure—powerful and innovative.”

Principal Consultant, Leading APAC MSP

The following demonstrates how the ThreatDefence platform has enabled the MSP to deliver exceptional service and advanced incident response. the MSP Security Operations Centre received a call at 2 pm on a Friday. The caller’s network had been breached. She was not a current customer and had neither the MSP nor ThreatDefence services deployed, but she hoped the MSP experts could assist immediately with the incident response. Within 30 minutes, the MSP had deployed endpoint agents and a virtual network sensor in the compromised network and identified the nature of the breach. By 5pm the same day, the incident was fully contained, the root cause identified, and all malicious presence on the network eradicated.

ThreatDefence equipped our Security Operations Centre with superior abilities to detect incidents proactively and respond to data breaches if they occur. Being able to contain ransomware in less than an hour provides a tremendous value to our clients and us.”

Security Operations Manager, Leading APAC MSP

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