CRN Impact Awards: ThreatDefence XDR is Australia’s answer to global cyber threats

Sydney-based cybersecurity provider ThreatDefence has developed an extended detection and response (XDR) platform that has seen it placed as a finalist for the Emerging Innovator 2021 CRN Impact Awards.

The Threatdefence XDR platform provides full-cycle detection, investigation and response across a company’s entire IT infrastructure.

It integrates data into the platform from within the network and on endpoints, as well as external data such as cloud workloads, SaaS applications, Dark Web breaches, compromised credentials, external vulnerabilities, and weaknesses and exposures related to third-party organisations in a supply chain. 

The platform provides deep visibility into security events and user actions. It collects all security data from various companies and correlates between events coming from different sources using machine learning.

The platform connects all security systems into a single platform provides greater visibility, unmatched threat detection perspective, and establishes a detailed context for proactive threat hunting and rapid incident response. 

Designed for easy integration, deployment takes minutes with no need for a time-consuming and expensive integration project.

ThreatDefence has won a number of major customers in Australia and globally, including Zip Money, Pepsi and Transport for NSW, and has customers in NZ, the UK, the US, Middle East and Asia.

The company has seen organic growth through digital marketing and is completely self-funded, using its growing revenue to drive R&D rather than looking to external investors.

It recently made the choice to focus its go-to-market efforts on the channel, establishing MSPs as well as acquiring several MSPs in key countries.

Threatdefence wants to ensure that its technology is accessible to any organisation, especially those that may not have the funding to implement complicated cybersecurity technologies, and has established partnerships with indigenous businesses and educational organisations.

Read the full story at CRN Australia..

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