Threat Detection

Eliminate your security blind spots and easily analyze threat factors

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Gain visibility of your environment
& achieve assurance.

Business benefits

  • Detect hackers in your networks and systems
  • Detect employees likely to be breached
  • Achieve improved security posture

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Every transaction, checked

Detects emerging threats by cross checking every transaction for threat indicators against threat intel feeds including Google’s Safe Browsing service.

100% Accountability

Not only does it detect the threats your business has been missing. It will also present the full connection state details.

Fast Detection and Response

Your business security depends on your ability to rapidly respond to emerging threats. ThreatDefence SIEM gives you that edge through quick and automated threat prioritisation.

Fancy protection from emerging threats

In addition to multiple threat intel feeds, your business will inherit the entire Google Safebrowsing threat intel to provide enhanced phishing and malware protection.

Radical productivity boost

Today your teams are spending days and weeks investigating events. ThreatDEfence will not only increase event detection by factor of 100, it will reduce investigation times from days to seconds.