Endpoint and Asset Monitoring

Saving mid-sized businesses from security breaches, because nobody else does.

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Gain visibility of your environment
& achieve assurance.

Business benefits

  • Discover real risks
  • Reduce the risk of compromise
  • Meet compliance without the cost

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Centralised asset monitoring, accountability and control:

Discover configuration errors, hackers exploiting your systems and user behaviours with a light-weigh software agent.

All user actions, connections, processess are recorded and inspected for anomalies.

Real time assurance by retaining a categorical record of all machine transactions:

See the potential threats and the issues while recording all legitimate events.

Start remediating the urgent:

with categorised events, prioritising is easy and your response immediate:

  • Why is John’s PC running out memory?
  • Why Michelle logged in 300 times in one minute?
  • Who cleared the audit log?

A Radical productivity boost:

Most businesses spend months investigating and auditing. Reduce investigations from months to minutes.