Dark Web Monitoring

An Opportunity to Control and Prevent attacks on your employees

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Gain visibility of your environment
& achieve assurance.

Business benefits

  • Prevent account take over
  • Protect your people from future attacks
  • Apply early counter measures

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Know when corporate data is for sale on the dark web:

Proactive, automated and analyst-driven scans for leaked business records.will stay ahead of the game in protecting your users.

  • Identify corporate records in data dumps
  • Discover third party breach of corporate accounts
  • Receive early warnings
  • Identify employees sharing credentials with non-business internet services
  • Drastically improve your employee awareness

Your employees become hacker magnet for a reason

Not because hackers are so good, but because corporate credentials were lost from third party breaches or other data leakage. Find leaked credentials and prevent a plethora of years log phishing attacks.