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Gain visibility of your environment
& achieve assurance.

Business benefits

  • All detection tools provided
  • Data is collected from all sensors, API and deployed agents.
  • Alerts are generated when suspicious activity is detected

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Know what you’ve been missing

ThreatDefence SIEM monitors your operational activity edge to edge and presents it on a single screen: Azure, AWS, your networks, systems, vulnerabilities, threats…

Actively Prevent Security Breaches

It will classify and benchmark all events against CIS20 critical controls and expose which areas of your business need specific action.

Automated Analysis Tools

ThreatDefence SIEM has Built-in automated tools that will paint a clear picture of your most vulnerable, exploitable and misconfigured business units.

Instead of spending years compiling and integrating security tools, we deliver and manage it as a plug&play service.

Real-time Alerts

ThreatDefence SIEM stores all data, inspects and actions all events non-stop. It will alert you in real-time of all notable events. Insights to answer any question

  • “why is this branch office generating more alerts than the rest of the organization?”
  • “Why does John Smith have over 500 failed Office365 login attempts?”
  • “Why is this server a magnet for hackers?”