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Vigilant Asia is an award-winning Managed Security Service Provider operating a 24 x 7 x 365 Security Operations Centre, offering a full range of Cybersecurity solutions and services. Vigilant Asia is the first CREST accredited and externally validated SOC in Malaysia.

The company accumulated significant threat intelligence and understanding of how threat actors operate, and established in-depth knowledge of the latest security tools to ensure their clients are well-equipped to continuously prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats. Vigilant Asia is managing many high profile customers in Southeast Asia, including leading banks, manufacturing companies and digital service providers.

Many financial institutions in the region are required to be compliant with regular guidelines and conduct in-depth security reviews every year, as banks and financial institutions are targeted by hackers in high-profile attempts to steal confidential data or compromise integrity of transactions.

ThreatDefence came on board as a valuable partner and equipped our team with superior abilities to analyse our customer environments and detect hidden threats and indicator of compromise from advanced threat groups.”

Ramesh Naidu – Chief Operating Officer, Vigilant Asia

ThreatDefence became a partner for Vigilant Asia to deliver compromise assessment service to high-profile customers in the region. ThreatDefence worked with Vigilant Asia team to deliver comprehensive assessment and post-breach reviews as part of the partnership, and used a combination of machine learning, AI, security analysis, and human-powered threat hunting to detect and categories anomalies in customer networks, and detect threat actor activity.

“Security monitoring helps to reveal malicious activity in real time, but if there is a hand-crafted malware dormant on the network, waiting to be activated, it might be very difficult to detect it.”, said Ramesh Naidu, Group Chief information Officer, Vigilant Asia.

He added: “Digital supply chain attacks also becomes a significant concern, as with COVID restrictions and working from home policies it becomes very hard for businesses to profile and control every software package executed by their users. Threat actors always seek to using 3rd party software to gain initial access to secure network. ThreatDefence provides this level of visibility, where we can interrogate any software package on the network and understand its behavior, even if it might look benign on the outside.”

On particular example was a large financial institution in Southeast Asia that was required to conduct a Compromise Assessment on all corporate of endpoints in a very short timeframe. Vigilant Asia and ThreatDefence worked together to gain visibility across the entire environment, and analysed data from thousands of endpoints. In just 4 weeks, the customer had contained few compromised endpoints and accounts, and also obtained assurance that the rest of the environment was clear from any malicious activity.

“ThreatDefence provided a great balance between applied machine learning and advanced security analytics, and in-depth analysis by security experts”, said Ramesh. “During the engagement, we were impressed with ThreatDefence Network Detection and Response technology, as it helped us to seize large environments quickly, and discover shadow IT systems.”

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