ThreatDefence Webinar for MSP’s – available on-demand now

Our webinar for MSP’s is available on-demand now – we are talking about some real world techniques hackers use these days, and what MSP’s can do to protect their customer environments. ThreatDefence MSP Webinar: From MSP to MSSP Overnight | REAL-WORLD ATTACK DEMO INCLUDED ThreatDefence is the only Australian SIEM and SOC-as-a-Service vendor using Australian-grown […]

Cyber Assurance for Local Government Organisations

If you work for local government, SIEM/SOC services should not be too expensive or difficult to implement. Do you know that:–        67% of councils have not recently performed penetrations testing (cyber-attack simulation) –        84% of councils do not have separate cyber security budget –        78% of councils do not maintain a centralised register of cyber incident ? ThreatDefence […]