Once-off threat assesment

Best 15 minutes you have ever spent on your business IT security.
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We know most businesses don’t know what is going on in their networks.


Use ThreatDefence to do a once-off assessment and obtain the assurance your business needs.


There are tremendous insights generated by your networks, systems and applications.

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How does it work?


ThreatDefence will send you a sensor appliance to monitor internet traversing network traffic. Our security analysts will perform threat hunt and prepare a report.


Expect to see misconfigured systems, errors, generous access controls, hits to malicious sites, easy to exploit systems.

Award-winning technology, service and team.

“…Having the ThreatDefence solution report in real time and in such high level of detail allows us to detect new types of threats and respond in the shortest possible timeframe….”


(CEO of www.efficiencyleaders.com)

Achieve compliance

Detect weak controls

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Essential compliance management tools, built in:


  • Asset discovery
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Log collection and storage
  • User activity
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Essential security management tools, built in:


  • Threat intelligence feeds
  • Active threat indicator channels
  • Honeypots and tokens
  • Deep forensics desktop agents
  • Netflow – 100% network accountability
  • Machine learning and AI