Technology and people

Every employee is a hard core techie with deep passion, including our founders. We are not ex-marketing guys, but elite experts.

Access to our team of experts

How do you solve cybersecurity monitoring regardless of business size and IT budget? ThreatDefence was founded to fix this problem.


With ThreatDefence, any business can achieve enterprise security monitoring with no limits and no restrictions. We offer you flexibility and the freedom to innovate.

The people behind ThreatDefence have decades of experience working on similar technologies. This experience has included cybersecurity consultations at large multinational corporations.


In 2014, our team was invited to help Australia’s largest bank with their security monitoring systems.


We are here to make you secure, not to be just another online security vendor.

To date, 70% of our customer base is made up of public companies and organisations – including some of Australia’s largest networks. Further, ThreatDefence won the fiercely contested Consensus Software award in 2017, to follow in the footsteps of some of Australia’s biggest digital success stories.


Your ThreatDefence solution

What the experience behind ThreatDefence means for you is that we’ve already done all the hard work in setting up every kind of cybersecurity system. We’ve codified all that experience into the ThreatDefence offering.

Plugging in, powering on and getting protected by ThreatDefence will not take more than a day.

If you don’t have inhouse security professionals, our network of analysts, architects and engineers has you covered. Access them whenever you need them.

Zlatko getting an award