ThreatDefence Network

Managed Network Detection and Response for your datacentre, WAN and branch networks.

Network Visibility Challenge

 While most security tools focus on endpoint and perimeter threat detection, internal network visibility is one of the best security tools employed by the most experienced threat hunters.

Lateral movement, rogue devices, shadow IT, password bruteforcing, and many others threats can only be reliably detected on the network level. Network visibility brings your security operations to the next level – every network packet sent by an attacker can be analyzed, and recorded.

How ThreatDefence NETWORK Helps?

td_NETWORK is a real-time managed network detection and response solution which can be deployed to monitor inline network traffic on-premises or in-cloud, inspecting both horizontal and vertical traffic flows in physical and virtual networks.

td_NETWORK brings automated and integrated threat intelligence and expert human security-analyst threat hunting to your network to provide superior threat detection and response capabilities, leaving no threat undetected. td_NETWORK detects even the most concealed activities and utilizes our machine learning technologies to identify unknown threats, lateral movement, and malicious insider behaviour

Lateral movement
Command & control traffic
Backdoors and tunnels
Malware and botnet connections
Internal port scanning and reconnaissance
Password brute forcing
Insider threats
Impersonation and spoofing attacks
Exploitation attempts
Unauthorised remote access tools
Rogue devices

How it Works

td_NETWORK integrates into your network segments and inspects both inbound and outbound traffic in your environment in real time. The sensor appliances can tap into your branch offices, WAN segments and cloud networks.

The collected data is transitioned to our XDR platform and correlated with other information collected from endpoints, applications, system logs, and public cloud instances. Within our rich threat intelligence ecosystem, threat indicators are transformed into the full attack kill chain and all attack stages as seen in various parts of the environment are identified.

Deep Network Visibility

Threat Detection and Response

Ongoing Assurance

Full Enterprise Attack Surface Coverage

Our Network solution is supplied as an integral part of our XDR platform and can be complimented by our 24×7 SOC/MDR services.

Our XDR platform provides full enterprise coverage, integrating all the security data you can possibly reach into, including data that directly resides within your network and on your endpoints, as well as the external data such as cloud workloads, SaaS applications, Dark Web breaches, compromised credentials, external vulnerabilities, and weaknesses and exposures related to third-party organizations in your supply chain.

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