Cyber Assurance for Local Government Organisations

If you work for local government, SIEM/SOC services should not be too expensive or difficult to implement.

Do you know that:
–        67% of councils have not recently performed penetrations testing (cyber-attack simulation)

–        84% of councils do not have separate cyber security budget

–        78% of councils do not maintain a centralised register of cyber incident ?

ThreatDefence is the only Australian SIEM and SOC-as-a-Service vendor using Australian-grown technology and detecting cyber attacks when your prevention tools fail.

As an Australian cyber security vendor, we always wanted to make our platform easy-to-use and affordable for local government organisations.

Our solution is designed to help local government to implement affordable security monitoring, threat detection and incident response, and can be implemented in hours without the need to deploy any additional infrastructure. In addition to it, you can ACSC Essential Eight reporting out of the box.

Read the Solution Guide to see how you can activate SIEM/SOC services and one day, and estimate your subscription costs.

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