ThreatDefence SIEM

Empower your business with unlimited monitoring capabilities, just like a global bank.

Uplift your threat detection, response and compliance

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Single pane of glass. Your entire enterprise visualised on a single web-based dashboard.


Built on architecture similar to the world’s largest organisations, inherit top tools and service.

One solution to replace many.

See what you aren’t seeing and make better decisions.

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Uplift your business cyber capabilities:


  • expose vulnerable systems
  • detect threats missed by others
  • detect hackers
  • visualize all corners of your business

No limits. Innovate, change, automate.

Built to uplift your cyber capabilities


ThreatDefence provides SIEM and all essential tools: IDS, threat intel, behaviour, machine learning – any cloud, any data. The goal is to give you complete and total monitoring infrastructure for the entire enterprise, forever.

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Your business inherits ready-to-use monitoring technology on day one. The laborious task of designing, building and integrating has already been done by us. What it means: radical cost and time savings.

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Built-in automation that removes the need for manual work, saving you time, effort and money. All the integrations are already built in. Don’t spend 2 years building your security toolset – have it on day one.

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As soon as it is switched on, your new SIEM and essential security tools become active. Let your competitors spend years trying to catch up through building theirs from scratch.

How can ThreatDefence expose risks immediately?

Automation, experience and passion run our system. All updates, configurations and changes are automated, removing the need for laborious manual activities.

It’s all you need for your business and regulators: big data platform + tools + managed service. 

Breaches will be recorded 100%.

100% accountability: all the monitoring data is always at your fingertips. It’s indexed, easily searchable and simple to understand. Having this level of insight from IT security experts outside your operations benefits your entire enterprise.

Cyber readiness: reduce the likelihood you’ll get hit by a cyber breach. And if you get hit, we will record it, take action sooner and reduce the impact.

Radical productivity gain: investigations and troubleshooting are now consuming days from your IT team. Reduce days to seconds and minutes.

“We trust ThreatDefence. It enabled our organisation to be cyber-security ready.”



CIO of a publicly listed company

Increase your team’s efficiency:

IT teams spend days investigating security, system and software issues. ThreatDefence reduces days of investigations to seconds of diagnosis. It even communicates with trusted online security authorities to double-verify detected threats, reducing the need for manual checks.