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Gain visibility of your environment
& achieve assurance.

Business benefits

  • 100%  Accountability
  • Predict the Next Breach
  • Achieve Assurance

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Real-time auditing of employee
and hacker activity

see successful login origin, and what device. Discover which employees are more prone to be breached and prevent it.

Know your environment, and
protect it better

All event records are retained and presented in the centralised dashboard, devices, applications, users. Be in control of your Office 365 accounts.

  • Simply enable Azure logging API
  • ThreatDefence will listen via the Azure API, and it’s done. No installs, changes or projects.

See risk and prevent it.

  • Auditing of employee and hacker activity.
  • See logins, what device, is it malicious.
  • Which accounts are prone to be breached.

Assurance & piece of mind

  • See clear record of events to determine email integrity.
  • 10 min training makes you security analyst.
  • corporate grade drill-through analytics.

Visibility of everything you have

Not only IT security but secure audit trail of all applications and services: CRM, Teams, Skype, Projects….