Case Study


Nelson & Colne College is a tertiary college in North West of England, offering courses to students, adult learners and those in employment looking to gain new or additional qualifications. Nelson and Colne College has a national reputation for educational success and is seen within the Further Education sector as a beacon of excellence for teaching and learning. Nelson and Colne is currently number one in England for A Levels, based on progress scores.

Following the successful merger of Nelson and Colne College and Accrington and Rossendale College in November 2018, Nelson and Colne College has retained its place in the College Group as the Sixth Form centre due to its distinguished stature for academic achievement.

Information security is of increasing importance at educational institutions, ranking at the top of the list of critical IT issues in the higher education space. Thus, educational organizations are looking for cybersecurity vendor partners that can help keep their information secure

We needed another layer of security to get visibility into what is happening into our network, and ThreatDefence checked all the boxes for us. With ThreatDefence, we can better understand cyber security threats to our environment and collect information so we can quick react to those threats.”

IT Manager, Nelson & Colne College Group

With thousands of students using the College systems every day, student account takeovers have always been an ongoing concern, as students often re-use their accounts and passwords at other services such as social media or online entertainment resources. Without real-time visibility and threat detection tools, it was nearly impossible to detect any suspicious accounts on time.

Nelson & Colne College was impressed with how easy it was to deploy ThreatDefence and start getting real-time insights from their security data. With the integrated Dark Web monitoring capability and user behaviour analytics, ThreatDefence provided an in-depth analysis of what account are at risk.

One day, Nelson & Colne College received a call from FBI stating that one of their student accounts was compromised. A quick lookup within the ThreatDefence platform determined that the compromise had been detected and prevented two weeks prior to the FBI report, while the Dark Web transactions had also detected and recorded. The full activity log from the platform was presented to the FBI and to the company management, providing complete assurance to the business that the credentials were not used for any malicious activity.

For Nelson & Colne College, it is important to be equipped to detect such threats proactively – learning about this compromise from authorities would be way too late.

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